Stripe payments and the cart

The source selector is greyed out for Cart Screen. Why is this?

Because the built in cart is internal to glide and integrated with the Buy button. It does not use a table that you can access or change.

Is it possible to use it with my own table then?

If so, then how would one go about it?

No, it’s internal to glide for the Buy button’s built in cart feature.

If you want full control of a cart in your own table, then you will have to build your own Cart functionality.

There are several complete templates out there that do this, if you look in the template store. Below is a concept I threw together a while back to demonstrate a way to have a cart that uses a single row for all users.

This is not processing orders though correct?

You mean my example? No, it’s only a demo. It doesn’t have any payment functionality built into it.

Okay, gotcha. I was going to use the API in Glide to create my own with Stripe but Stripes API Docs are not the most comprehensive.

Is it possible to pull the orders back in to Glide from the Hidden Sheet?


Duplicate the App: Sales sheet into a new sheet tab with a formula, and it will show up in glide.

={'App: Sales'!A:Z}

Ah yes, Thank you :pray:t2:

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How could I fix this? There is a …Line 1 and …Line 2 so Glide is creating an array.


They will still function as individual columns, but will show as an array in the data editor. If you need to see it as separate columns in the data editor then you’ll have rename the column headings so they aren’t sequentially numbered.

Would that not break the way the Stripe function writes to it?

Write your own headings in the new sheet, put the formula in row 2, and change it so it only grabs data from row 2+ from the app sales sheet.

So how would I only grab 2+ sorry.

={'App: Sales'!A2:Z}

Thanks man!

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@Jeff_Hager I had one more question…How could I go about performing an action after adding something to the cart?

You can use a custom action to string multiple actions together.

If you are using forms, then you can use the On Submit function to perform additional actions after a row is added.

I mean on the Stripe “Buy Button”. I don’t see anything so I assume it is not actually possible.