Glide Tables with Native Shopping Cart

Hi, I downloaded and tried several shopping cart-type apps, and I think the only one that uses Glide’s native shopping cart is “simple store”. It certainly charges my card and sends me an email, and my money (less Stripe’s huge fee (.31 on a .50 order)) will be put back in my bank in 7 days.

But I don’t see any data in the app to tell me what was ordered, paid for, and who by. There is only one table in the template, though I added a user table.

From researching the forum, I see that Glide will write to an App: Sales sheet if G-tables are used. What table do I need to set up for Glide to write to native Glide tables, and what columns, etc?

Most of the questions and answers in the forum are two years old and things that are more recent either don’t have purchase examples or are geared toward non-native purchasing templates.

Just wanting to be able to charge a one-time fee to set a “Premium User” flag. I see a few really nice examples for non-native subscription-type apps – with extra fees paid for external services to process things.

I just need something simple for one-and-done “now I’m a premium user”. I may add something in later for voluntary “donations” – this app is being developed for a non-profit.

LOL, guess I missed the “+.30” when looking at this.


I’ll probably do the rest of my testing in “test” mode.


Glide’s Cart and Buy button integration is incredible simplistic. As weird as it sounds, yes, the only way to see results from that purchase is to have a google sheet attached so you can get the App:Sales sheet to show up. Then you still need another sheet tab that will use a formula to import that purchase data to another sheet tab so the app will actually see it. Maybe you can see it in your stripe account??? (don’t know, don’t use it) But, that is it. That is why you see several posts with homegrown solutions to get something more robust.

To be honest, I think there are some glide features that were created specifically for a certain customer, so it was adequate enough for that customer, but they shared that feature with the rest of us as is.

Based on the fact that glide dropped their additional fee for stripe purchases, I’m guessing in app purchases are not a priority, so I don’t really see anything changing with the Buy button integration in the near future.


Thank you so much. Yes I can see it in my stripe account.

OK I can create a link to a Google sheet just to get that information and I have seen the conversations in the forum showing me how.

I’ll just have to try it once to see what columns glide puts in there and how I can create my relations et cetera.

It is simplistic but this should work for me.

Kissing another 50 cents good bye.

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If you are using Glides buy button for purchases, then why are you doing actual purchases for testing?

You can simply use test card number like 4242424242424242 and do a test purchase in builder instead.


Yes I started out doing that but there was no record of anything. I did one test in live mode so I could see what happened with the records.

But since I didn’t have a Google sheet set up that’s why I didn’t see anything. I’m going to try and test mode 1st with the Google sheet set up.

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