Shopping Cart with Stripe

Hello Gliders,
I’ve been out for a bit but I’m back once again to try and finish a simple app with a shopping cart…I can’t find any info on how to link my shopping cart to Stripe? Any tips on where to find this info…

If you’re on the new Glide Apps, there’s no built in feature for Cart like Classic Apps. You would have to build a flow yourself.

Where can I find information to build a flow myself? I’m working on a simple app and I want to be able to collect payment for items. Thank you for the information!

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This guy can help you. Here is a template Stripe DEMO single Item + Inventory

What I would suggest is a scenario to automate it.

Setup payment links for your products on Stripe, pasting the product links into their respective rows in Glide (or you can automate this process as well using another scenario, triggered every time you create a new product).

Then, a scenario would watch for any time a new payment is made, and write the corresponding info back to a new Glide row, in your Payments table.

You would then use that info to validate that user X has paid for product Y.

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I want to do this for a Stripe subscription rather than a one-time purchase. But I assume the logic is the same.

On I searched for the Glide module but when I selected it Make said “no module found”.
Is there something special I need to do so I can add the Glide module?
I could only add Glide when I was adding it as the first module.

I see that Glide docs have instructions for Zapier, are there equivalent instructions for anywhere?

Glide, at the moment, only serves as a webhook module in Make, so you can only add it as the initiator module for the scenario.

Any other functions for the API must be conducted using their HTTP module, using the configurations stated in the “Show API” section of the data view.