Is it possible to create shopify like glide app with api integrations?

A simple inventory like app with payment api integration

It is very much possible to create an ecommerce type App like Shopify and you can use stripe as a payment gateway depending on your location (if stripe does operate in your country).

Alternatively you can build an App with a custom cart where you don’t integrate with stripe but are able to use other means e.g. Payhere payment links but again that will depend on whether where you are located, these payment service providers do operate or accept your local currency…

It is relatively easier if stripe is an option for you because there is a “buy” button and a cart tab that comes natively with glide but as soon as you have to move away from that (Stripe solution) then it stops becoming a “simple” App and starts to test your knowledge of glide but it is a good learning experience and you will get all the support you need from the members on this great platform…

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