How to set Stripe or PayPal for payments?

Hello guys! Is there someone who can explain how to add Stripe or PayPal payment in the cart please.

Glide only officially supports Stripe with the built in Cart and Buy button, and you need to be on one of Glide’s paid plans.

If you want to use Paypal or some other type of integration, then you will need to build your own cart and create your own payment process. There are several posts in the forum. Maybe have had success integrating PayHere, so if you search for that you will find a ton of information in the forum. I believe PayHere can use Stripe, Paypal, or many other payment processors.


PayHere is built on top of Stripe, so I think they support whatever basic payment processors Stripe does (so not PayPal). I think it has all cards people are familiar with like VISA, Mastercard, American Express, JCB. They also support Google Pay.

I might be wrong here, but PayHere doesn’t seem to support payment processors where you would have to enable it for each payment link when you use a Stripe account. Let’s say iDEAL in Netherlands was not one when I last checked.