The Buy Button

Problems I’m facing with the buy button:

Unable to specify the quantity of a product
Unable to change ZIP to Post Code on checkout
Unable to add a delivery charge
Unable to add a minimum order value

Any ideas?

If you need those options, you must create your own cart and checkout process instead of using the built in Stripe then.

Are you able to help with this? I’m new to Glide and unfortunately was led to believe it was the perfect solution for plug and play style eCommerce.

Actually one of my customers asked me to make an E-commerce style app a few weeks ago but I haven’t been able to figured out a few things, I hope it makes sense for you:

  • What if the customer buys things from different sellers? How would the money go?

  • What payment gate will you use for this process? If you use PayPal for example we can integrate their link very easily, but that is only 1 link, i.e the money goes to only one receiver and it must be distributed later.

  • How to validate the payment automatically? I imagine this can be done by Zapier, but haven’t tried it.

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Thank you.

There is only one seller, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

PayPal or ApplePay are both fine.

I don’t know anything about this…

Just sent you a personal message, please check it and we’ll discuss more details about your project there.

@ThinhDinh I’m sorry since stripe doesn’t work yet in my country. We made a shopping cart of our own. Can you integrate it with paypal that generates a dynamic ticket? I mean. I buy a product, it charges me 10 bucks. Buy 5 products generates payment for 50 dollars?
Thank you and apologies for getting into the conversation.

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Can you message me the link of the app so that I know more about the flow you have so far? Thank you.