E-Commerce App

Hello Glide Community,

Can anyone please share an E-Commerce app template without stripe payment method as Stripe and PayPal are not supported in my country. I need it for my E-Commerce business. Thank you.

Hi Hassan,
You can search for some examples at glideapps.com/templates

I have but I can’t find any :frowning: Please if you can find any free template that is an E-COMMERCE store without STRIPE/PAYPAL payment method then please share it.


Hello Aymen,

Thank you for the help but I still can’t find what I am looking for. Stripe and PayPal is not supported in my country so I am looking for an ECOMMERCE template that has a CASH ON DELIVERY facililty. Just add to cart and enter details and order confirmed.

Without the “Buy Button” I cannot get “Add to cart” option.

Well, If you can’t find any template either on the community or on the glideapps.com/templates that probably means that no public template is available.

You should consider to try creating your app by yourself !

Maybe it is hidden somewhere but I am unable to find it. If you can find any or suggest me how to make it, I would be grateful :slight_smile:

I am in the process of making this a template soon. It allows you to do cash on delivery or on pickup.

let me know in what country you are, and if there are other payment options or certain payment services you use I can try to have a look into them.


You would have to create your own cart screen instead of using Glide’s built in Cart.

I am from Pakistan and we don’t have any international payment services. I need a simple ADD TO CART template. I am in LOVE with your template. Can you please share its code or send me it’s layout PLEASE? It is exactly what I am looking for. It is PERFECT.

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