Buy Button doesn`t accept Total Column

Im in the way to build up my own Cart since I need to add my fixed “delivery fees”, that I didn’t found an acceptable way to default those and propose in the inaccessible default Cart.
But then I need to pass the total sum of the Amounts calculated per each item.
But the but button doesn’t accept a Math field as a price to be debited.
Any way to do that?
Any reason why this can’t be accepted, it is a bug or a feature request or …?

You can’t use Glide-generated columns as inputs for the Buy button, as far as I aware.

Yes That’s my claim, is not possible to use.
But im in need to pass in one shot all the products plus the fee amount, that currently i can only treat as a product itself and then the user has to buy it.
Or Ive to build up my own cart based on user and daily-time account that it is quite a lot of work i would try to avoid if possible.
Or there is any chance to pass separetely a default amount to the buy button without force the user to push it?

I have next to no experience with Stripe’s built-in method since we don’t have Stripe in our country, so everything you show on the cart has been added to Sheet or not?

Yes, the problem is to add automatically the delivery fee.
I can’t ask the customer to push the button to add those, neither I’m able to understand if the cart is full or not, because the module doesn’t accept inquiry.
Would be very easy if the Cart module would accept a push of data without using the push button, something like a trigger or similar, but those modules are completely inaccessible.

What kind of other experience do you have using the Cart, what alternative exist ?

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I build my own carts, the flow is what you can expect from a normal app: users see the item, use a form to add a quantity of that item to their cart. When they’re done with choosing items, they navigate to the cart, press a button to record that full order.

The only struggle is with the automatic confirmation of payment, as of now I don’t think there’s a good way to do that automatically but I think @Wiz.Wazeer is working on it.

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Thats Xuber is interesting, but what I cant understand how to pass info to the “by button” without using it?

I guess from the add item you call another form (where probably you store User and Time of booking, as to create a unique key and do not confuse two order that might come at the same time, but then from this submit button, where this info goes? not to the Glide cart I would image, you made another one, isnt so?

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The full order goes into our Orders sheet with all items, then we clear the cart using a Script.

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Ok, as I was saying a lot of work to do that could be avoided by Glide simply give the chance to introduce the fees by default or something similar.
Thanks Thinh!


Yes, we can now directly get PayPal to accept purchase legally via their site and our app (just need to convert personal to business account or sign up for a business account. I have done this with their new smart button which anyone can set up- the instructions are on their website. See select item wizChat or Glideapp store to see how it works. Please do not transfer any real money.

One issue remains - being a payment gateway snowed under a mountain of rules and regulations, the only legit way we can get the transaction back into the sheet is if Glide allows access to PayPal to its back-end. I think Glide should take this seriously because of a few new (non-HTML) PayPal smart buttons that we can easily add to our Google sheets for direct PayPal purchases.

The only way we can get the transaction record back into the sheet is if:

We subject visibility of PayPal button to such preconditions as enter your name, and email, and after purchase require them to use the image picker to add a screenshot of the receipt (who on earth is going to want to do that!, or the transaction record or whatever. I think its all useless and pointless. The only legal way to do it is to request Glide to do something about it for the reasons I’ve touched on.

To summarize,

You can now very easily integrate PayPal to accept payment with no legal consequences for you or your business, but unlike the Stripe auto-generated transaction sheet (which has Glide back-end access), no PayPal transaction sheet will be generated. But, hey you can use PayPal email and invoicing for all that.

Thank you


Thank you Wiz, ill not use PayPal since here they don’t use it, but I’ll check for another similar service that is called paypay.
Anyway good info!

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