How do I add taxes/shipping fees on my shopping cart?

I’ve created a simply store on my app. I was able to set it up and it appears correct. How do I add taxes on an item? And shipping fee?

You can use math columns.

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it won’t work… you need to convert to a static value

It works on my table with my formula. How do I reflex that during checkout? Or do I just replace my current cost (which doesn’t include taxes and shipping) with the new total column information?

You could do either/or.
You have a column that reflects the original price.
And then I assume one or more math columns that add sales tax and shipping.
You can use any or all of those columns on your checkout screen.

Oh, wait… I just saw @Uzo’s comment.

Are you using the Buy Button? (I was assuming that you weren’t).
If you are, then Uzo is right - this won’t work.
You would need separate (non-computed) columns for your Sales Tax & Shipping, and then probably an action that writes the computed total cost into another non-computed column.

Yes, I’ve added a Buy Button. I have a column each for Sales Tax and another for Shipping/Handling. So I will add another regular number column with an action to give me the total of the final cost?

You can still use a math column to calculate the total cost, but you will need an action in your flow that uses a Set Column Values to transfer that calculated value into the regular column.

Yeah…is there a section I might be able to read and see examples. I’m unfamiliar with all the terminology.
This is what I have currently

Or does Strpe add tax and shipping on its own? Is there a section where I can set those options?

No, you would have to use a custom Stripe, not a Glide buy button.
I have a sample here:

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Is using the Glide buy button easier to set up than the external data source? This is my first attempt to a simple store with a few items and I’m completely lost? Which option would you recommend for someone who is not very knowledgeable on this subject?

The glide button is much easier but limited. Custom integration is very complicated, but you can do whatever you want… taxes, shipping address, payment confirmation with the complete response from Stripe, sold items increment in your inventory, multiple items shopping cart plus multiple inventory adjustment, email confirmations… and more…

I will stick to the glide buy button for this one :grimacing:
If this is the way I’m heading, what else is missing on my table? What columns I’m I missing? Should I just show my math column as the total with a writing on the bottom saying “price includes taxes and shipping”? So when they check out, the total checkout cost includes everything…or would this be completely wrong?

You can show all details, but on the stripe checkout, you have to give the total from a static column to the stripe button.
You can create a confirm button after showing sale details… this button will set columns with a calculated total that will be used for the stripe.

Thank you so much for your patience, let me see if I can figure this out.
I’m sure I’ll be asking more questions once I can’t figure it out :star_struck:

How do I create a confirm button? I’m guessing then I have to set the calculations some how?

it can be anything that has an action… the actions should be to set a column with the calculated total and show the Stripe button

I will try, thanks a bunch! :hugs:

I’m I getting any closer…
If I click the button, it doesn’t do anything? I know I’m still missing something here…