GlideApps Don't Support Sales Tax - Help!

I believe I have searched all the documentation and community support but have found almost no mention nor examples of how to include Sales Tax in purchases. I am working an app for a restaurant to use for curbside ordering and this appears to be the final feature we are unable to implement.

Is it true that there is no good way to collect Sales Tax?

I thought that Stripe might be able to add the sales tax, but I don’t think that is currently supported and the tax would not be included in the amount shown to the user.

It seems like the best thing I might be able to do, is add the tax to each item. If that is the best we can do we will implement it because it would be almost accurate. The problem is that the total tax may round differently if it is applied to each single item instead of being applied to the sum of the items.

I’m just looking for a little guidance here on the best way to include the sales tax in pricing. I assume others have faced this challenge. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Hey Rob,
At the moment, your assumption is correct.
You have to calculate the tax per item and add it to the price, since there’s no tax calculation in Glide’s integration with Stripe.

Thanks eltintero! Just wanted to be sure I was not overlooking something!