Adding taxes + delivery fees on custom shopping cart

Hi everyone,

i’m looking into some ways to add taxes calculated on the sub-total, and delivery fees to my shopping cart that i custom in order to add multiple product in cart.

My delivery fees will be a fixed amont.

@Jeff_Hager @ThinhDinh

Have you been able to figure this out?

Hi @Mohamad_Al_Sadoon,

@ThinhDinh have partially resolve my problem.

In my case i have glide self-calculated columns which are not displaying in GS sheet. I made a whole custom shopping cart in order to allow user to select qty when adding product to cart and delete them in the cart, seeing the details of order, sub-total, taxes and delivery fees, etc…

However i needed to link my GS sheet with other apps with the concerned data that are self-computed on glide.

So @ThinhDinh suggested me to redo all my calculated tabs in GS and then synced them to glide.

however i think my main problem could be resolve if i can access directly data from my glide tabs to other application.

Did someone have any suggestion on this ? @Jeff_Hager

I think @ThinhDinh’s idea is best. You could keep the calcs within glide for speed as well as duplicate them in google sheets for access with other apps. I don’t believe there is a way to access glide data outside of glide like you can with google sheets.


Well i see you are meaning @Jeff_Hager @ThinhDinh,

however i need these data only to set up the payment module and to create appointment in google calendar from orders.

If the data for create appointment is not self-calculated and appears in GS sheet, on the other hand stripe doesn’t display the correct amount on billing.

Maybe i should look for ways to solve this problem instead of redo the whole custom shopping cart.

Is there any way i could fix this instead?

I have done that, it is simple:

  1. Create a sum of your cart (subtotal)
  2. Create a multiplication of your subtotal * your tax percentage (taxes)
  3. Create a multiplication of the distance * the rate per km
  4. Create a sum of your subtotal + taxes + delivery fees (total)

You send this total in a form to confirmed orders, so you can send the total already calculated to the payment method.

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Hi @Mauricio_Paz, i’ve already done this with the help of @ThinhDinh. I have set columns with sub-total, taxes and delivery fees. However i don’t understand when you say to “send this total in a form to confirmed orders” could you explain me this ?

Stripe doesn’t display the correct amount and i think this is because glide and/or doesn’t allow me to put self-computed columns in the Stripe billing form. when i try to setup the buy button my Total column doesn’t appear.

This is also set up in my recent Template GlideCart.

Currently, it’s not integrated with Stripe for the same reason of the component not recognizing computed columns. The template uses Cash App and PayPal as payment methods.

@Yebaka, I believe what they mean is that you need a table to record final orders and prices. This is probably a lot easier now with Actions. Because Stripe doesn’t recognize computed columns, you need to have a database of just the order and the final price.


Thank you @Lisa !

Is it possible for my app to embed cashapp or Paypal as payment methods ? how can i do that in my app ?

If i can’t setup Cashapp or Paypal as payment system could you explain to me how i could create a separate table with “action” ? I don’t know what this is about.

Oh , i see what you were meaning @Lisa after reading documentation on actions.

If i get this you suggest to creat a “zap” using actions that trigger my computed (or a separate) tabs in a form to payment method (cashapp/paypal) @Mauricio_Paz ?

You must submit a form with all your columns calculated or at least the total to new sheet, for example:

Sheet with calculations -> Sheet with amount of the calculations.

So you could use the TOTAL order in Stripe.


So if i get this @Mauricio_Paz, even if i recreate my calculated columns in GS sheet, i will need to transfer those data to another sheet in order to send this billing information directly to stripe integration using the in-app form ?

Self-computed columns in glide tabs aren’t supported for the stripe integration, is this also the case for GS sheet ? is that why you suggest me to send GS self-computed data to another sheet ?

@Lisa have suggested to create the separate table with calculated data using tools like action/workflow/zapier, any clue on how to do that ? @Jeff_Hager @david

The whole point is that no matter how you decide you want your app to flow, if you NEED calculated totals to use in stripe, then they need to be stored in a google sheet or basic column in a glide table. Not calculated on the fly with glide computed columns. You can either do the calculations in Google sheets (which is an acceptable workaround because Glide doesn’t know how that value was set and is synced to the glide server database), or with glide computed columns, but if you do use glide computed columns, then you have to write it to a basic column in a google sheet or glide table. You can do this by passing it through a form or using the actions to add row or set columns.

There’s thousands of ways to do it, and it all depends on what you feel is the best flow for your app…but it needs to be a hard set value written to the sheet or table. Once you understand the end goal, you can work backwards to figure out the steps you need to get there and what works best for your scenario.

I think the biggest reason why you can’t use glide computed columns is because they are calculated on the device. Not the glide servers. I’m guessing stripe transactions need to process through the server and a computed column may not be readily available at the time of the transaction. Non-Glide computed column values are stored in the Glide database on the server unlike computed columns, which are stored on each individual device using the app.


Thank you @Jeff_Hager,

I’ve understand that i can’t use data from self-computed glide columns and that i need to recreate it into GS, my main question was what is the best approach to do this

Both @Lisa and you have suggested this and i would like to know how exactly i could proceed this way ?

I don’t see which form you refers to and how actions allow to create or calculated row

On the other hand i’ve understand that once i have my data correctly inputed in glide servers i would had to work on the payment method/processing i would use on my app and figured out which way suits my UX the best, i’m considering using webview for this one.

You could see my payment flow in this app:


  • Preferably open a ‘Delivery order’.
  • Place orders after 11:00 am central time because it is the ‘opening time’ and I have a filter to not place orders before this time.
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What I mean by a form is to have a component, like a form button, that is placed on a screen that is showing the computed totals. Inside the form you can pass those computed totals (using column value components) to whichever sheet you choose. That is what will write to sheet columns that can then be used with stripe. Then you can somehow display that record that was written by the form and use those values with in Buy Button.

As for actions, it would be the same as a form button, but instead of a form, you set the action on a regular button to use the Add Row feature. That should allow you to pass through the computed values just like you would on a form and write them to a different sheet. From then on, it would be the same process to view that written record and and a buy button.