Add shipping costs to cart

Hi. I would like to know if it could be possible to add fixed transport costs to the cart ? For each order…

You can add it in the Sheet column for price calculation.

Ok. But where could I find this column ? Don’t see it ( the column for price calculation) …I’m a real newbie ^^

Do you mean in the column where I “put” the price of the item ? Or in another column ?

I mean you should create a new column in your Sheet, let’s say “Final price”, then calculate the price using arrayformula.

It works also if I use Glide table ?

So,if I understand well : in the same glide table than the items, I add a column “Final price” and I calculate this price with an array formula ? So I had to create a button with an action " calculate" ( because it seems to me that if I use the buy button I can’t modify its function)? My items needs a row Id so ? If I add another item, where do this result is ? In which sheet ? Sorry, I don’t see in which “area” the result is temporary placed…

Sorry for all these questions and thanks for the answers

As far as I aware, you must use a Sheet column in order to utilize the Buy Button, due to technical privacy concerns. That’s why I recommended using arrayformula to calculate it whatever ways you want inside the Sheet.

It would be placed in whatever sheet serves as the base for you to built the screen which places the buy button on.

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