How to create a point balance system?

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I’m creating a babysitting exchange app, where moms watch each other’s kids in turns and earn points, that they can later redeem within the network. 1 hour of babysitting is 1 point, and each user starts with 5 points upon sign-up.

I have created the user profiles already, and I created a form where users can submit who watched whose kids, and for how long. I want the app to calculate the current point balance of each user based on this form, so add the points equaling the hours for the first user and subtract the points from the second user.

I’m using Glide tables, how can I do this? I assume it should be a transactions sheet and a points sheet linked to the user sheet, and using maybe some math columns, if-then-else or action setups, maybe a rollup column? I’m lost a bit… :blush:

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This might help:

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Thanks a lot, it’s quite a comprehensive series. I watched the episodes but I still feel uncertain about how exactly to proceed.

I have created user onboarding and a form where users can submit who provided the service for who and for how long. 1 hour = 1 point for simplicity.

  1. I need to link the points earned to the user who provided the service and the points lost to the user for whom the service was provided. I guess it should be relation, but I’m not sure which columns to connect to work properly.
  2. I need to add points earned to the starting balance from one user and I need to subtract the points paid from the starting balance of the other user, but I’m not sure how to do this, so it’s always updating itself.
  3. I need to calculate the current balance to be able to show it to users


Thanks a lot Robert :pray: Let me give it a try and if I can’t do it by myself I’ll be grateful for the link :slightly_smiling_face:

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Woohoo, it did work, thanks a lot. It was really so easy, I was overcomplicating it.

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Amazing! Well done.

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