User data mixing up

Can glide expert help?
I have published app and shared with couple friends. When user 1 interact with app, he gets points for interaction. And same way user 2 gets different amounts of points based on his interaction. I have chart page in app which is supposed to show only their own points. I can’t make it work as my calculations currently shows total of both users points on their chart. I am using roll up column but somehow that is not separating user1 from user 2 etc.
Thank you so much…

Hi, not an expert, but how are you collecting the points?

  • via a form?
  • via a user specific column?

Depending on how you are linking to the data for your totals, relations work great for this. If you relate the data from each user to the sheet that contains the data, then the rollups on the relations and the charts would only show data that’s related to each user.

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Hi! I have a “user” sheet where all users name and email address show up. Then I have another sheet where all users actions show up including the calculations of points. In this sheet every time, a user does some actions, new row is added and points are calculated. My problem is that I don’t know which row belongs to which user and how to assign rows/points by user.

Hi, in the sheet where rows are added each time a user does an action, I suppose that this is done via a Form?
If ‘yes’, in your Form component, have you integrated “special values” (see picture)?
This enables you to track the email of the ‘poster’ and therefore answer to your issue:


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This may be related issue as in my components filter to display user information, my filter doesn’t have selection for “signed in user”…

Is your email column read as email by Glide, or is it a text?