Cant Make User Specific Math Columns in Glide Table

In Google Sheets I have a sheet column that calculates the total sum of the data from all the rows in another sheet column
In my Glide Table I have a math column that calculates the same sheet data
What I can not figure out, (and is about to break my brain) is how to make this columns sum populate a User Specific column showing the sum total???
Thank you

First you need to create a basic column and make it user specific. Then use that newly created column as the input for your math column. Now the math column will be user specific as well.

Ok I did that.
Now I have a math column that is user specific and has duplicated the other columns data. But how do I calculate the Sum Total of the user specific column data? The math column just copied the data, it did not calculate it and give a total

I need one of the last two table columns to populate a total like the third column from gsheet does

Are you trying to sum everything in your Collection Value column? You can do that with a Rollup column.

You cannot use a Rollup column to aggregate User Specific column values across users yet.

Tried that earlier but could not get roll up to be user specific

Can you try it and show a screenshot of the result you get? Based on your screenshot, I would imagine that you should get 330 as a result.

Rollup wont work with user specific

GSheet - Collection Value in Sheet is 28,920.00
Table - User Specific Collection Value is blank
Table - Math Column is showing individual value instead of a total value
I need one of the user specific columns to populate the same total as we see in gsheet Collection Value

So to be clear, that’s a total for all users? Like @david said, you can’t rollup a total across all users. You are using user specific columns, so the rollup total will only show the total for that specific user.

No, That is a total for the current user. The 28,920.00 is in gsheet. It is calculating the total of the Current Value column for one user column in gsheet. ( I am using row owners if that maters )

I need the User Specific Table column or the table math column called Collection Value to calculate the total sum from the User Specific Table column called Current Value

I need each person to see the value of their inventory only

How are you using row owners? IIf you are using user specific columns, then that assumes that several users are filling data in the same row. If you are using row owners, then that assumes that each user has their own rows of data. Can you show your math formula?

When I made my first user specific column in table it had me create row ID column

In my Gsheet i used =SUM(AA2:AA) to calculate current value total

I am trying to do the same in my table with a user specific column

To be clear…Row ID’s and Row Owners are not related and completely different things. Row ID’s give a unique ID to the row and help user specific columns function correctly. Row Owners control who has access to the data. Row ID’s should have no effect on what you are trying to do…but are you using Row Owners at all?

Again, it would help to see your current math formula for your Collection Value column, along with what you get when you add a Rollup column.

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Ok, I see Now
At Some point my row owners in user profile sheet got turned off.
When i turned row owners back on I was then able to make my roll up column user specific and to total the user specific data
I did this by populating my rollup column with the user specific math column to get a user specific total/sum of the data column

  1. Row Owners in User Sheet
  2. Create User Specific Column
  3. Edit User Specific Column in Data table To Be A Math Column ( Now math column is user specific)
  4. Create Roll up column to calculate Sum, and populate with user specific Math Column
  5. Now Math Column Sum Total is User Specific

YAY!!! Thank you so much for talking me through it @Jeff_Hager @Eric_Penn @david


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