🛑 User Specific Column Data Calculations =>There must be a solution!

Hi all,

I am creating a lot of User Specific Column but am unable to retrieve this data for calculations.
My User Specific Column is a rating.
I would like to be able to calculate the average rating…
Retreive the number of people who have performed a rating

To me this is a must have possibility but… i do not find how to do it.
Any help ?


Rollup over user specific ratings does not yet exist. Bummer, I know.


At the moment the only way is to record that in a form to write data back to the Sheets and use rollups to calculate the average.

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Hi…does the format have to be Detail in order to actually retrieve your User Specific Column info in the app? Using Details seemed to be the only way that I can actually add the user specific column to my app’s screen, but it only allows an edit - not the addition of another row. If someone can confirm how i can use the user specific column to allow users to enter an amount and this amount to appear in an Overview tab (where totals are pulled in and templates used to communicate to the app user). My understanding of the user specific column is probably needed the most. I have an understanding, but it seems to be a bit incomplete.

Just for clarification, you are attempting to fill a user specific column from the add screen, correct? I would agree, that I don’t see the option to fill a user specific column in add mode or through a form for that matter.

I am curious what your reason is for filling a user specific column in Add mode instead of a basic column. In most cases, if you are adding rows, there isn’t a need for user specific column because they are designed for multiple users, but you are adding new rows instead of working with existing ones. User specific columns allow multiple users to edit the same column cell, but still have it contain a unique value for each user. Are you attempting to add a row that multiple users can see and edit?

Could you provide more explanation on your use case and what you are trying to achieve? Any screenshots you have might help too.

Try this:


Thank you @Robert_Petitto for this tutorial! You help me a lot!!:pray::kissing_heart: