Individual data for every user

Hello everyone ,
I have made a glide app that calculates some averages and sums them up .

Problem is that every user has to calculate his own numbers , but every time someone makes a change , this change appears to everyone …

Can i have the app work for every user individually?

There are a few different ways to do this, but one that may be most simple for your use case is to use User-specific columns to hold your data.

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Thank you very much.

One question please . if i make a new column as i see , then how the data every user inputs will work with the formulas in the spreadsheet???

What formulas are in your spreadsheet? You’re best to move them into Glide and use Math columns, etc to do your calculations when you’re using user-specific columns.


i need this 11 x 4 user inputs to be user specific.

formulas are (AVERAGE , ROUNDUP , SUM , AND (Xroundedup - Xaverage)*11+1 )

Can you post screenshots of your sheet instead? There is no access to the sheet unless you open it up.

If you want to maintain the sheet and its formulas, you can collect your user’s data through a form button that submits their data to the Sheet, then the formulas could take over from there. Each submission would need to be attached to a user by using a Special Column Value for the User’s email address.

spreadsheet unlocked

its now open . i think its simple enough

i dont need to update it at all … i just need every user to input his data , and make changes only for himself. i tried the math column but i cannot see how to get a result in one cell .

in the right column i put : OVR/11 and get 11 numbers instead of one (average) in a cell

You may need to think of your data in a new way. Glide performs calculations on the columns of data per each row. To do an average per user, each of your inputted numbers should be in its own column. Then, the math column could be used to get the average of all the columns per User data row.

If you set up your User Profile Table, you can then add columns to that table and easily allow users to edit their columns of data on their row in the User Profile Table. I don’t know if your app will have more to it than this, but using the User Profile Table for this would likely be sufficient for what you’ve shown so far.


I really thank you very much but I cannot make it work in any way … If there is someone willing to get my app and fix it for me , with a small payment for his work please contact me asap

Can you go through what do you want users to see on the front end, what they will input and what’s the expected result?