Can I get a SUM of all user data in User-Specific Column?

I would like to have an “idea” scoring system. Users score an “idea” and the data is stored in a User-Specific Column with that “idea”.

I am aiming to save the score given by the User individually, so they can see the score they provided when returning at a later time. This I understand how to do.

However, I don’t understand how I can SUM all the scores each User provided into a total score. Is there a way to SUM all of the data for the User-Specific column of a row in a datasheet?

You can only access data of a single signed-in user at a time. You can’t sum different users’ scores if you’re using user-specific columns.

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Ok, thanks - I suspected that but wanted to be certain I wasn’t missing something.

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An alternative is have a form to submit their scoring to a new table, but that will consume your row count.

You can add a button with custom action - where you can use the ADD ROW action to save their score to another sheet to do the sum.

Thanks @Hassan_Nadeem I have structured my solution like this though I am not finished exploring what is possible.

To get the SUM I’ve created a rollup in my Ideas table with a formula to SUM entries in the Scores table. This provides a total score for each Idea.

I haven’t tried to do the same by User in a User table because I would have to filter results by the Idea and the User. I assume I would rollup these two fields (the Idea field and User email field). However, after that I am not sure if I can filter the results for each Idea and by User. What should my approach here be?

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@free3moose Lets do a zoom meeting so you can show me the app on backend and I can guide you accordingly.

Hi @Hassan_Nadeem very kind of you to offer.

I’ve decided to switch out for a different platform because I don’t think Glide is the right way forward for me.

@free3moose Can you please share your app idea and the problem you are facing in private chat?

Glide is one of the best no-code platforms and it is the easiest to learn. Would suggest you to stay with it and elaborate on your problem in detail. I am sure you will find a solution.

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