How to increase skill points to a leveling system?


So I have a sort of RPG leveling style going on here. So lets say Player 1 has 120XP. That lands them at a Level 1.

For each level that they climb, 3 skill points should be rewarded to them. Currently I just have a basic table within their Profile page that shows their current level on the left and how many skill points they have on the right.

I figured out how the increasing in their XP effects their level which is what I want. However, I need some help. I cannot figure out how to do the same thing with the skill points.

I want it where when they have reached a certain level or rank, that the skill points are automatically delivered to them in their Profile page. (example: Player 1 reaches Level 2, they are rewarded with 3 skill points that shows up on that basic table I mentioned before).

In addition, something to keep in mind is that the skill points should be added to whatever current skill points that they have available. (example: Player 1 at Level 1 has currently 3 skill points that they haven’t spent yet. They reached Level 2 and because they haven’t spent their first points, they should have a total of 6 skill points ready to spend.)

Extra information: In my data sheet I have a table set up for users which contains the XP, skill points, etc. I also have another table set up for just the leveling.

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@Robert_Petitto have several tutorials on gamification.

Check this: 💎 Gamify Glide Apps REBOOT (Updated 2021-09-22 - Episode 7.2 BOSS BATTLES!)

Take a look

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I’ve developed a dozen or so gamified glide apps over the past couple years. If you need any pointers, don’t hesitate to ask.

Hey @Robert_Petitto , I’ve actually been checking out your REBOOT videos and while I’ve reached Episode 7.2, I made a copy of the app because I wanted to run some experiments and didn’t want to mess up the original that I’m following your videos with.

So I have it set up now where XP also shows a player’s current playing level ranging from 0-20. I currently have it set up that when the player reaches lets say rank Silver that when they go into their Ranks tab and click on the Silver badge, underneath the image there is a button where they can claim 3 Skill Points. This is the only method I could come up with that allowed points to be added to their current points in their profile page.

While it does work, I was wondering if there was a way to give players those skill points automatically as they level up instead of claiming them manually.

(example: Let’s say Player 1 in their profile page is at a Bronze rank with a Level 2 and 3 skill points. Based on their XP, they reached Silver rank, reached Level 3 and because the 3 original skill points weren’t spent, they should automatically have a total of 6 skill points, because 3 more points were given to them by reaching another level.)

The whole purpose of the skill points is that I took your creation of the store and revamped into into a skill tree. Ideally, using the same concept of the store, players should be able to spend skill points on their skill tree. Still a work in progress, but skill tree itself looks pretty good.

This could probably be done with a custom action and an IF statement that checks their current level. If leveling up, then add the appropriate number of points. There’s probably several ways to approach it, but maybe have a column with next level’s skill points ready to go in their user profile. Whichever action increases their level could then fire an increment action to increment the skill points by that number that’s already set in the column.

Kind of a broad response, but hopefully it gives you some ideas.

Yeah, there’s no great way to accomplish this cleanly. Unfortunately, all actions in glide require user interaction. Awarding points to a user must be an action of some sort.

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@Jeff_Hager Thank you for the suggestions. Via this is my experiment copy, I’ll continue to tinker around with it.

@Robert_Petitto Thank you. As you can see below, this can suffice.

And here’s an image of the skill tree I was talking about:

Brand spanking new to the whole Glide scene, but thanks to your videos, I was able to apply (some how lol) your opaque gray-scaling technique that was used on the rank badges towards the skills that are class specific. So now they become filled in with color once the player reaches the specified rank level. Still under construction though.


Looking good!