WIP: a challenge app!

I like sharing work in progress stuff. In the Netherlands a lot of sportsclubs do challenges, they want to keep their youth members close and active. This is my attempt to make an app for them. There are more people in this group that will do a fancier job, but I try to make my weakness my strength :wink:
Here’s where I am now:

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This is looking really good!

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Thanks it is really basic, not a lot of automation, but this seems right for the usecase now.

@Robert_Petitto There’s only one thing I would like automated that isn’t right now. Users go to a next level, get a new badge, every 30 points, or after having completed another 3 challenges. It woul be nice to have that automated. But there ends my spreadsheet knowledge :wink:

This is what it looks like!

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Yeah, I can help you with that! Let me know the specifics of how you want them to level up,

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Looks great @erwblo!

Would be great!
What I do now is this really simple. For every completed challenge you get 10 points. For every 30 points you get a badge. So Level 1 = 30, Level 2 = 60 and so on to Level 10 = 300. For me that’s enough for now, people should modify stuff the way they want.
The organiser of the Challenge decide who has completed a level, in my ideal scenario giving out the badges would be automated.
I do the points now in the data editor. So ‘If Challenge 1 is not empty, points = 10’.

Right…I use that logic to automate my Ranks. Basically a big if/then. It used to be a spreadsheet formula that was much cleaner, but it was also much laggier.

I seem to be doing something wrong. When I do this I don’t get more than 1 badge in my If than else column.

I assume somewhere in your app you’re totaling the number of points for each user?

Yeah I have a column called total where the total amount is calculated.

Now I see the highest level they have, I would hope to get all levels? So that I can make a list and show all the levels someone has?

Yeah, I ran into that same problem too…I wanted to show all ranks earned, not just current rank. Since you’re using points for badges and not ranks, you might need a different, but related, solution.

How did you solve it?

For Rank, I didn’t go through the trouble. For badges, here’s a snippet of the automation that I do:

Thanks, that’s out of my league :wink: !

How do you to want display the levels? You could create templates for each scenerio in markdown format (‘Level 1’, ‘Level 1 Level 2’, ‘Level 1 Level 2 Level 3’ etc.). Then use an if then to pick the proper template. Or just build rich text components for each level and set visibility on each one based on point value greater that or equal to the related point value.

@Jeff_Hager Thanks, I’ll have a go at it!

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I played around with templates and now show only the highest level people have. That’s good enough for now.

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