Awarding Badges to Users!

Inspired by a request from @Temple_ISD_Digital_L, I created this functionality that will allow you to award and display badges to your users.

  • Create a list of available badges
  • Create a grid of earned badges for each user on their profile page
  • Create a grid of players that have earned each badge

Take a look!

You can test out this functionality in my app here:

Try completing a challenge or chatting in the app to earn the respective badges.


@Robert_Petitto Great video and thanks for taking the time to share this with the Glide community! I know I can put this to good use in our app and appreciate you walking through the necessary steps to make it happen. Awesome job! :+1:

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Where do you find the cool badge images?

I make 'em of course! I like to dabble in graphic design.


With what

Variety of sites/apps:


I’m using your spreadsheet logic for my team of students. They have 18 modules to complete, and a badge is earned when a student completes 3 tasks that when checked off, make up one module. So 54 total tasks for 18 badges(modules).
Mind if I ask a few questions?

Not at all! Ask away.

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I have a list of 10 students, they all must earn 17 badges in 4 years. Each badge requires the completion of 3 tasks.
I’ve watched your video, I’ve tried to set up my google sheet, but then when I create the app I can’t get it to function anything like your example shows. There are a few differences, but it should have been manageable. is the app

  1. For every student it seems like I must create their own badge row and subtask row?
  2. How do I add the 3 subtasks together to auto complete the badge?

I’d contract help as well, I’ve been going in sheet is

I’ll review this week and get back to you. Bookmarked your post for Monday if that’s alright.

Sure, thanks.


Check out this recent post of mine:

I imagine that your subtasks are recorded to a log?..You could create condition that looks for all 3 subtasks per task and only then award the badge? If you prevent users from clicking a submit button more than once (explained here: How To: Build a Gamified Glide App (updated 10/6/20) - #10 by Robert_Petitto), then maybe you only need to record the main task ID and count how many times that task ID appears for each user (if 3 then award badge).

Just thinking out loud.

Thanks. As well I submitted a few call requests so I can get an estimate for this project, I don’t have the time to teach myself all I need to know at this point. I think you are available next week for calls if I remember correctly.

Thanks again.

sur pixabay tu as de chouettes images ou sur canva mais alors tu dois le faire toi-même.

Hi Rob, I watched the longer version of this video in your gamify series too, but what is the solution when much of the data by which the criteria for earning a badge is generated inside the Glide data table? I.e. all my XP and Coins are generated from math columns, as well as conditions requiring to read ‘if then’ columns. All this data doesn’t appear in the Google Sheet, so I can’t test for it in my arrayformula… Is there a way to replicate this functionality using Glide data tables.

I also remember you saying that you found the arrayformula method inside Google Sheets to be better, why is that? What limitations are there with doing it in the Glide data table - and what would be the workaround for this functionality inside the Glide table?

Welcome on board the community @Jamm_Studios_Doha ! Happy to have you here !

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Good call. I’m working out a way to do this efficiently in Glide tables. Stay tuned.

Figured it out—should be scalable and uses ZERO spreadsheet formulas. It’s complicated on the backend though (uses the Pires-Petitto Trebuchet method) :wink:

Video to come sometime soon.


Really looking forward to seeing what you’ve discovered!

:scream: Snapshots of the backend…