Eligibility or badges

I am trying to implement something like a badge system, where users have points that can go up or down and there are badges that have a minimum of point required to acquire. A person applies for a badge rather than getting it automatically (but I’m not concerned about this part).

Lets imagine the scenario

Badges name | points required
Badge 1 | 250
Badge 2 | 400
Badge 3 | 550

Then I have users
user name | points required
user 1 | 280
user 2 | 410
user 3 | 600

What I want is to display a list in their user profile that only includes the badges they are eligible to get.
User 1 could only get badge 1. User 2 would be eligible for badge 1 and badge 2. User 3 would be eligible for all badges.

I’ve tried with formulas but I am certain I am doing something wrong. It would be relatively simple if I could use dynamic values on the filter as I could discard anything less than.

Any ideas of how I could solve this?

It would be a lot easier if you could put together a spreadsheet with some sample data so a responder wouldn’t have to key in a bunch of rows and values before they try to answer your question.

Thanks, I’ve added

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@Sandro_Brito So it took a bit interesting spreadsheet magic but I think I have put together something that you can work with. I added a 3rd sheet that combines the two other sheets. All the formulas on sheet “AvailBadges” are in row A. It creates rows for every combination of Badges and Users, so if there is 5 Badges and 5 users the sheet would have 25 rows. If 5 Badges and 10 Users 50 rows. Each row has the combined data from both and to figure out which users can afford with badges is simple math. The result is column G. I think this is the first step of what you are trying to do. I’ll let you go from here.

You could maybe use the Visibility function to hide or show badges based on the users point value, unless you want more dynamic control through the sheet.

Worked like a charm. Thank you

@Sandro_Brito You’re welcome. I had a thought overnight about how to filter the data down to only the rows needed. It also reduces the row count, that would count toward needing a Pro license in Glide I believe. Anyway have another look at the spreadsheet.