Creating a to-do-list game

I run a couple service businesses in Iowa. One of which (Mr. ProActive) I’m planning to pivot into a software company since it’s been harder than ever to convince people to have me inside their home every month (something about a pandemic). I’m taking my home maintenance checklist I use at my clients’ homes and turning it into a game for people to tackle the maintenance themselves. The hope is to make proactive maintenance FUN and REWARDING so people actually do it as faithfully as they should. Originally I had the custom checklists built out in google sheets with formulas set up to calculate various scores and dock the user risk points for a variety of monthly missions. My test group liked the concept but hated using a spreadsheet as a game platform (obviously). My second attempt was to use a survey builder (survey legend) to house the mission (more user friendly) which exported the results to a spreadsheet so the scoring could be conducted. This was less than ideal since I had to use multiple platforms for various aspects of the game (the dashboard was on a spreadsheet, the missions were all linked out to the survey platform). This brings me to glide. I’m pretty accustomed to google sheets and have someone on my team who can work magic with formulas so it seems like a good fit.

I’m a few hours into my project and have a nice per user dashboard set up. Currently having trouble wrapping my mind around how set up custom missions for users. Seems I need glide to create new rows with the task results on the spreadsheet somewhere so I can program it to calculate a score and update the users dashboard. Tinkering with a special tab for missions but not sure if I should create multiple forms within each mission for bite sized tasks or to use checklists, buttons, etc.


This sounds like exactly what I’m struggling with, but on a much smaller scale. I’m trying to set up chores and a point/reward system for my family and I just can’t figure out how to tally up their points once they check them and keep one list for each person with a tally that stays. Sorry this isn’t exactly a solution, but so far I made user-specific column that has a boolean toggle for completed (on/off switch) and then a “if-then-else” column that says if it is checked then take the points from the row of points which exists for each task -but I couldn’t figure out how to total it. I just found something called “rollup” that looks like the SUM feature but you can put it on a different sheet, so I’m going to try adding this to my user profile and see what happens. Hopefully this works and maybe helps you too!

Adding more later: I found this series of help videos that gave me a bunch of useful new tips: Glide: Creating Managers Tasks App

You are going the right way, using rollup on that if then else column is the way to go.


I thought that was the right way, too, but when I use rollup on an if-then-else column I only have count as an option so I can not get the true value of the points in the cells.

Can you try creating a math or template column that just duplicates the if/then value? Then try to do a rollup on that math or template column instead.

I have not figured out the template or math column yet, but that sounds like what I was hoping - to somehow convert it to a recognized number column. This is the first week I’ve really worked with Glide, so I’m spending way too much time watching and rewatching the wonderful tutorials to try to get it the way I want it! (I’m fine with this except I should be lesson planning for the start of this crazy school year coming in a few days!)

I’m going to try this and get back to everyone!

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Math will transfer the numbers, but I’m still only getting count or count unique as rollup options. Maybe it’s something else - because I’m doing it from a different page?

no. I tried from the same page. Still only count. I’m not sure why because it can recognize the numbers in the chart feature but not for this and I just really want to create a total for each user, but I need to see it in my google sheets to use it for the redemption feature

Hey @John_Burdine_Jr! This is a wonderful idea, and I’d excited to see it progress. Our community built something similar in Notion, perhaps you’d be able to get some ideas from our project - we used extensive rollups and formulas to achieve the result you are describing, and extended the idea past to-do lists to even task management, and have extensive positive reinforcement loops like badges, item shops, pets, and more. Let me know if you have any specific questions about the build!

Have you seen my tutorial on Challenges?

Can we have some screenshots of your columns?

I have all my kids names and emails anywhere that would be useful unfortunately. I am trying to set it up to filter in the actual sheet instead of glide filter, but I have to use the OR function to pick up the case where a sibling helped, because those are in two columns, one email, one name, and I need to collect all of that into one column and I can’t get that to work, either. I already have the majority of the features running so I published it for the kids to use, so I don’t want to put in fake data to share. I’m sorry, I know that makes it frustrating.
Can you help with a formula in Gsheets to filter data with an OR case so that if either a kids email appears in one column (person completed - info gathered automatically from form) or the name appears in another column (helper - submitted as a “choice” from form) then the points are returned. I could filter one list but not get it from two columns.
REally sorry, I’m trying to find a way to blackout sensitive info but my device is org controlled and I can’t seem to make it work

Looks like this can be done with an If Then Else column inside Glide, can you try this?

YEs, I can filter it there, but this is where the problem started. For some reason, even though I can pull out the correct numbers, it does not seem to recognize it as a number for the rollup feature so I can’t “sum” it and only get a “count” option.
Help with rollup feature
I made a short video showing the best I can what I’m doing - ridiculous that it’s easier to edit a video than a screenshot on my device

Do you have a column to sum those two numbers?

I think I figured it out last night I watched “gamification of your glide app” tutorials and realized I needed something with a unique identifier then I could do the rollup from the actual column of points. So instead of trying to get the numbers in that if-then-else column, I set it to a case where it labelled which person it belonged to, then related that back to my user sheet and did the rollup there with the relation column and the points column in the submission sheet. I hope that made sense. Anyway, part #3 of the gamify tutorial helped a lot, so now I’m on to the next problem!!

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Yeah that does make sense and it’s actually the way I usually use a rollup.