User-specific checklist with progress status

Hello! The scenario is I have 10 tasks for 2 separate categories (5 tasks each). The tasks/checklist completed are user specific but when it calculates the user’s progress within one category it shows 2/10 completed instead of 2/5 tasks completed because it is counting all of the tasks in one column. What is the best way to set up my Gsheet?

Sounds like you just need to separate your task list into two columns - one for each category.

If you need both categories of task to be completed for each of the 5, what you can do is use an if-then-else column (in the Glide Data Editor), and configure it as follows:

  • If category A task is not checked, then null (empty)
  • If category B task is not checked, then null
  • Else true

And then all you need is a rollup column to count the number of completed tasks - counting the number of true values in the if-then-else column.

Thank you for responding. That makes sense and I will give it a try. When I type in “null” in the Glide editor, will it translate that or do I need to input a special character?

Just leave it empty - don’t enter anything