Create a card game for students

Hi! I’m new here.

I’m a third grade teacher. I’ve created a trading card game (similar to Pokemon) where players battle each other. Basically, they have a ship with 5 parts where they need to keep track of the HP, while playing booster cards (attack/defense/healing) physically on the table in front of them.

I want to make a simple option where the players can choose the 2 players…and then each turn, they can click on the ‘attacked’ player’s stats card or whatever and reduce the HP for each ship part that was attacked that game.

I’ve been trying to use ChatGpt to help me, but it’s not working well. I’ve linked it to the google sheet, but…i’m not sure how to create what i need now.

I just need it so the students can increase/decrease the HP throughout the game (and maybe decrease the overall AP when ship parts get wiped out).

Thanks for any advice you can give me with getting this started. Hopefully it can make the math games more engaging for my students.

@Robert_Petitto has a whole series of tutorials on gamification. It’s quite old, but might give you some ideas.


My “newer” series has a section for boss battles:

However it’s built on classic apps: I need to do a new reboot at some point built on new Glide Apps.