Making a robot Game - How to battle robots?

Ok so I created a previous question asking about robot ownership in a robot game I’m making for my son (for fun… maybe for Christmas?). This question here deals with how robots would battle. I’m creating a game for my 5th grade son with leaning disabilities. He wants a game where he and friends can trade/battle robot cards. I figure glide can do it because cards don’t need moving graphics, just still images.

How would I pull off a basic battle?

The rudimentary setup in my imagination goes like this:

a.) Imagine Two users in the glide app. Users are just rows in the users GlideTable
b.) There’s also a GlideTable called Robots. Each row is a robot that can be owned. Each player owns a few rows in the robot table (i.e. owns robot cards)
c.) In the Robot GlideTable, each row has columns for hit points various, abilities, a column for who owns the robot/row, etc…
d.) A robot has column populated with an attack ability (lets call it BIG PUNCH) and maybe it has a hit value of 10 (in reality it needs to be a negative -10)
e.) It has a column populated with 100 hit points (so after attacks you just subtract hit points from that column)
f.) Maybe it has a column labeled defense with a value of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in it.

So how do get two users to attack… such that the attack value column of robot on row 2 (your robot) gets subtracted from the hit point (i.e. health) column of a robot on row 3 (my robot)

Perhaps I would set up a screen where a user chooses the name of another user. When he does it pulls up that users robots (i.e. shows the robot rows that are owned by the. When the player clicks an opponents robot card… there is a link shown for attack (?). Pressing that link (a) activates a set of simple math that subtracts the defense column from the attack value and then any remainder gets subtracted from the victim robots overall life/hitpoints… and that then the remaining life value gets re-recorded into the victim robots hitpoint column.

**How would you have two robot cards attack? How would you set this up or even make it better? Am I thinking about this the wrong way because I’m unaware of some of the cool stuff Glide can do? **

Check out my gamification series. I do a 3-part section on “Boss Battles”. Instead of fighting a boss with boss stats, though, you’d battle someone else’s robot.

Robert, … wow I feel like I owe you coffee already. This is far more than I could have asked for. I will really enjoy looking through those. WOW I may be able to pull off this game for my son by Christmas.

QUESTION: any reason I should use GoogleSheets (like you did) instead of just GlideTables? I know using just glide is faster. Are there functions that Googlesheets offers outside of glide that are needed for all of this or can I do all the basic gamification functions using glideTables?

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I used Google Sheets for this tutorial because it was originally aimed at Educators who find Google sheets accessible and familiar.

Best of luck! Let me know how I can help!