Client-to-Server data exchange (socket)

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I am new in Glide, and I am exploring possibilities of it. However, I cannot find information which will allow me to firmly claim whether client-to-server communication is possible within Glide or not.
What I would like to do is to be able to open a socket (from the app) on a specific port and send data to it.
Is that possible?

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i don’t think so.
All the data is in a Gsheet.
I don’t what a socket is, but if there’s a Zapier integration, you might make it work

Why would you like to have and work with TCP/UDP sockets if you can write/read from Glide directly using a GS?
Or you want to use a third-party application to send data to Glide?

Tell us your idea to help you better if the solution is viable


I have a robot, and would like to have a web app to send simple commends and control its actions (so acctualy, I want glide to send data to a robot). Glide offers super easy and fast development process so I don’t have to worry about many visualisation aspects, and focus only on functionality.

If your robot is listening on a IP address and a port, give a try to the Webview action associated to the button. Not sure it will work, but you could have a column in which you type the command, on other one (template) in which you have the IP/port/param names (eg:", a third column in which you concatenate the second and first ones, and then a button" send command" for which the “open webview” action is linked to the third column.

I am absolutely not sure this would work, but using the webview, the cmd should be sent to the robot IP address and port.

Let me know!

Hola @John_Lee

Are you using Modbus TCP or another protocol to send/receive data to/from robot? If so, the frame could be written via Google sheet and seen on Glide later (or from your robot if your hardware is able to write to GS using JavaScript!)
I saw a video where a mini Panasonic PLC send data to GS using Modbus, it can give you an idea.

Take a look at it

Let me know what you get please, I was testing something similar months ago but I stopped it to finish other things.