Please Help! How to add API Code to Glide app

Hi Good people,
what will be the right way to make Glide both send data out, and get data back inside, I have a function in the app that requires that I integrate an API code with my glide app.

Thanks in Advance.

At the moment you can’t send data back to Glide Tables, only Sheets work.

Can you go into more details about the function you’re trying to implement so we can help?

Not yet unfortunately but the new Yes Code column (in development) will cover this need.

We pray for it :muscle:


I’am actually using google sheet not google table, please how do I get it to work with google sheet?

You can use Google Apps Script to integrate with external API’s. Are you familiar with Apps Script? (it is essentially javascript).


Thank you Sir, Much love, I will use this to learn :slight_smile: