How can I integrate 3rd party API to my glide app

Hi guys,

I would like to integrate the API of a 3rd party into my Pro glide app, is this possible? if yes, how can I go about it?

Yes, it’s definitely possible. But the best way to go about it will depend on a number of factors. Some things to consider:

  • Are you only wanting to import data from the 3rd party API, or will you also need to post data?
  • Are you using Glide Tables only, or a mix of Glide tables and Google Sheets?
    • If Glide Tables only, then your options are limited. For posting data to an API, you could use webhooks plus Integromat or Zapier. For importing data, then the only option would probably be to do something funky with experimental code columns
    • If you have Google Sheets, then it will be much easier. If you’re familiar with Apps Script, then it’s relatively easy to integrate with an external API. There are also a number of 3rd party plugins available that can help you import JSON data to a Google Sheet with minimum coding required.

If you can describe your use case a bit, I could probably provide some more specific advice/guidance.


Thank you so much for this response.

I am trying to integrate Plaid API into my personal finance management app/ expense app.

I am completely lost as to how this can happen.


It looks to be quite well documented, so I’m sure it’s possible.
But again, to be able to offer any specific advice I’d need to know more about what you’re hoping to achieve.

“I am trying to integrate…” could mean many many things…


I want users to be able to link their bank accounts to my expense app using the Plaid API. I would like to embed plaid into my App so that when users link their bank accounts the information pulled from the Plaid software reflects on my app, so I integrate plaid software into my glide app.

I hope this explanation is a bit clearer?

  • I would like to import data from the 3rd party API only i.e Plaid

  • I am using a mix of Glide tables and Google sheets

Okay, so a couple of things…

  • Firstly, you’re talking about handling quite sensitive data here, so I do hope you think very carefully about security.
  • Secondly, in order to retrieve account information for your users, you will need proper credentials to access the accounts. I’ve only had a very cursory look at the API, but I would imagine this would involve each of your users creating their own Plaid API key and then providing that to you.

If I was to undertake something like this, I’d probably use Apps Script. Whether or not this is acheivable for you, I can’t say as I have no idea if you’re proficent with Apps Script. If you’re not - and especially considering the sensitivity of the data you’ll be dealing with - I think you would be wise to consult with an Expert on this, and consider paying somebody to do it for you.

Personally, I don’t think this is something I would want to do. I wouldn’t want to be handling this sort of data.


+1 for this. I’m generally taking a very careful approach when it comes to data like banking or health.


We don’t request access to personal banking information, all we have access to is their income and expense transaction history, which is all we need, and is also something they provide to us voluntarily as an expense and income tracking app.

Okay. My previous advice and comments still stand. And you should also read carefully the link that Jeff provided regarding Glide restrictions on user data.


Alright, would do. Thanks a lot

Is this still the case regarding POST to 3rd party API?
I was reading this VERY LONG topic about Glide API and it only confused me more… :frowning:

So we have to revert back to a YES CODE (Google Script?) solution? Seems very messy after using Glide :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you name a few?
“minimum coding” is sounding more and more appealing these days.

I’ve been going in circles trying to make this API work inside the API column in Glide. Have I been chasing my tail for nothing? It cannot be done inside Glide?

I want to be able to send a phone number (let’s call it column A) to the API sitting in Column B. Hopefully, this column B (or by using another column) will return the response to immediately tell my users that the number they inputted isn’t registered on WhatsApp.


I think you can try the “Fetch JSON” column with the link being.[phone number]&api_key=[api_key]

Please remember that this can be a problem if you have an API that charges based on calls

From my understanding, let’s say you have 10 rows of data in the table you’re trying to get this info, each user that logs in will initiate 10 calls to the API, so let’s say 10 users logging in will make 100 calls, not 10.

Thanks. This is exactly what I’ve done, but it returns nothing.
Going to the URL will return the correct and expected response… :frowning:
I’m still trying to understand the limitation of this “Fetch JSON” column.

That’s my understanding as well. To mitigate this influx of API calls, I plan a two-phase funnel:

  1. API will only be called from a single-row working table, almost all columns USC
  2. Inside that row, API will be called only when number is “ready”, i.e. passing through a series of ITE columns.

Then I would think it’s a CORS issue.

I would try making a call through Integromat/Make’s HTTP module, then write the result back to your database.

However this is hard-coded so let’s say if a number is not on WhatsApp but signs up later on, your data does not reflect that change.