Making a robot game with glide - How to own robot cards

Hey community. Soooo… this is for pure fun… but I’m trying to help my son out by creating a game for him. Right… a game based on Glide. He’s a 5th grader with some learning issues. He’s wanting to make something like a robot card trading game where robots have various skills, attack powers, defense, (don’t even know to be honest). I suggest to him I could make him a game where he and his friends could have and trade robot cards on their phones and the robots could battle, trade cards etc…

The beauty here is that they don’t really need animations or anything; still 2D graphics are fine so I think Glide could handle this.

I have two questions - one about how to assign ownership of a row to a user and two how to set up a robot battle Beyond this I know GLIDE has all kinds of features like dice roll, randomized numbers, and math functions that (and data visualize. In just a few minutes I was able to start throwing ideas on a screen, where a set of cards (i.e. in glide the interface) could represent each robot card and clicking on it could bring up a detail screen like below.

Setting up Robot Ownership

I feel like this should be easy, but it would be hard when someone trades a card or something.

1.) Glidetable for users has one user per row including a row ID.
2.) Another Glidetalbe labeled Robots… has one row for each robot.
3.) A column in the robot table is labeled “owner”… and I’m guessing to show ownership I have to get the Row ID for me as a user… into the owner cell/column for a particular row (i.e. a robot I own) in the robot glidetable.

When a player joins, how can I just assign each player a generic robot row… sort of a basic robot. How can do the following → If new user is added to user glidetable, add a row to the robot table and fill it with these basic parameter AND assign users row id (or email or whatever) to the OWNER column of the new robot?

Furthermore, if kids wanted to trade robot cards… I know I can get a row to have a QR code. A user can click a button that pulls up the camera to scan a QR code… but how could I then have that process transfer the RowID of the receiving player’s row (in User Glide Table) into that robots “Owner” column?

Maybe the player who is giving the robot to someone reads the QR code of the receiving player… .and that QR code contains the Row ID of the recievers row in their row of the User Glide Table. Maybe the player giving the robot card presses a “give” button and it activates the camera, scans a QR code…and copies the receiving users RowID into the OWNER column of a particular robot… and like that it leaves their ownership and goes to the receiving players deck.

Check out my series on Gamification. I discuss a lot about shops/inventory/boosts that could apply to this concept: