For this Community, the robot is so smart it should bear a name and a face

A name that is both male and female like Max, Smart, etc. Sth as fun as the names in Glide tables and emails?

A Name instead of “robot” will do more justice to this awesome little fellow :relaxed: and the mindset of this Community forum.
Thks for the robot.

Which robot are you talking about?

Discobot maybe? The one that welcomes new users. Or maybe the new one that squashes all the inactive bug topics :grin:


There are many of them? They have an army?
For example the one who told me I have the Monthly Member Reward.
I assume there’s only 1 robot (yes discobot?)

Discobot is one of the robot’s name. True. But to me, feels like there’s 1 “Master Robot” for the whole Forum, isn’t it?

I don’t know if I would call it a robot. I’m sure there is a procedure that’s scheduled to run once a month to look at the accumulated stats of each new user and determine who is most engaged. Just a series of math formulas filtered over a certain time period. You’ve been pretty active this past month, so you probably had the highest calculated value. Not necessarily AI…just math over an activity log.

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Do us humans count as some sort of C.I. (collective intelligence)? :nerd_face:

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Do I really need to answer :relaxed:? Nathanaël?

Do you think, Jeff, this set of procedures is sth we can integrate to our own app?
Is it a third-party tool that can enhance User eXperience (and yes engage) by animating a community?

That’s a very very broad question. First of all Discourse forum software is pretty well established and robust and used quite widely across many websites on the web. No, glide did not write it and no, itself, or parts of it can’t really be integrated into the Glide Apps platform.

But to answer your question, yes, depending on what exactly you want. You can can run scripts or integromat scenarios over the data in a google sheet and have it return results in the same rows of data, or populate a different sheet.

But at a basic level in glide, I think it would just be the right combination of IF scenarios, relations, rollups, math, etc over a set of data. Everything is just math and true/false logic. It’s up to the developer to determine how data should be interpreted by using that math and true/false logic. Tables in glide are constantly checking for changes to recompute any computed columns, so there is no need to run a procedure. It’s already running. It’s just a matter of designing your logic to look at the data you need, pull what you need out of that data, perform any math against any numbers, or check for true/false conditions, and ultimately get the results you need.

I’m a developer, so I think very logically and procedurally. I don’t look at robots as intelligent. They are just sets of code written by a human to analyze large sets of data and process any necessary math and check for true/false conditions to get a final result that determines what is should do next. You tell robots what to do. They may appear intelligent, but they are only following the code path that the programmer laid out.


Thks, Jeff, I didn’t even know there are such things as Community Software, I’ll benchmark that :+1:
Yes, I know exactly and still love the “dev language” and logic. And also need to speak all the other stakeholders’ language.
All this end up making sense :relaxed:

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