If there was a Glide chatbot, what would you name it?

What would you name it?

I’d probably go with “Wing” or “Flight”

You know, because Glide is glide?

I’m just going to go with flight and develop the chatbot already this is taking way to long!

I LOVE Glide so much, and why did they give up that beta chatbot they had on their landing page? It was not very good, but at least it was something.

Also, is it fine if I do make one? Is that against anything? Because I haven’t made I yet, so I think I’ll ask. @ThinhDinh or @NoCodeAndy ?

You have the answer there. It was not very good, and I assumed it caused more problems than helped. People were confused by its hallucination and came here or submitted a ticket about features that didn’t exist.

You are welcomed to make one, as long as it helps people, and make sure you indicate in your post how to use it.

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Thank you. I’ll have it really soon

Got any names though?

Nope, sorry.

too bad, guess I’ll go with Flight!

@ThinhDinh I’m done. Here is the link to a webpage (no download) to test it. I can always mess with the colors or some other things if you want me to. Just open up the link and start chatting!

Link: Flight

I’m at my day job now, you can just update the original post with the link and describe more about how people can use it. Please don’t keep tagging me. Thank you.

Okay. Sorry.