Gamification with Glide

:wave: Hi all!

For those that have been following the progress with my app (see post references below), I wanted to provide an update.

  1. With this nifty trick, I was able to eliminate over 800 rows and several relations/lookups thereby making this app MUCH closer to becoming a template for you all
  2. Based on feedback I’ve received from several users, I plan on building a way for admins to initiate “Boss Battles” (see my progress with this concept here).
    – To achieve this, I first need to establish the concept of User Stats (health, attack power, etc.).
    – In the realm of gaming, these stats are impacted by the user’s “class type” (eg. warrior, healer, sorcerer, etc.).
    –And so, my app now supports the ability to select your class type from the edit profile screen.
  3. Next step will be to assign stat increases to some of the items in the shop. After purchasing these items, users will have a increased stats that will eventually impact their performance in battles.

Would love your feedback, ideas and suggestions as I embark on the next phase of my quest.

Until then!