Sneak Peak: Boss Battles! ⚔️

Coming soon to a gamification app near you!


Ooo. This needs to be my next video in


@Antonio @Adrianne_Ngam Can’t wait to see triggered actions in…well…action! This feature is crucial to having a “Boss battle” in the app.

The way I see it working:

  • “Who’s Turn” column is empty
  • “Battle” Button (visible when “Who’s Turn” is empty)

1.) Click “Battle” button to initiate a battle

  • marks “Who’s Turn” true
  • “Attack” button replaces “Battle” button (visible when “Who’s Turn” is true)

2.) Click “Attack” button

  • deals damage to Boss (increment “Damage Dealt” column by User Attack Value, Math column = “Boss Health” - “Damage Dealt”)
  • ALSO marks “Who’s Turn” false
  • “Defend” button replaces “Attack” button (visible when “Who’s Turn” is false)

3.) Click “Defend” button

  • deals damage to user (increment “Damage Received” column by Boss Attack Value, Math column = “User Health” - “Damage Damage Received”)
  • ALSO marks “Who’s Turn” true
  • “Attack” button again replaces “Defend” button (visible when “Who’s Turn” is true)

So on and so forth until either user health or Boss health <=0.

Only works if triggered actions is a thing, though! Can’t wait!!!


Super :astonished::call_me_hand:t2:

This takes me back to playing graphing calculator games in high school. xD
Much higher-res though. And full-color.

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HA! That’s how I learned to code, too! Oh the TI-82/3/6…ball jump (?) was my favorite…that and Tetris

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Wowww… Next level of Glider apps :heart_eyes:

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This is awesome!

Imagine if you could set GPS coord geo-fences for bosses so that if you came within that geo-fenced area (*kinda like your treasure hunt app/video you released), the app would change the current screen you were on (somehow, image, button, hint, etc.) to show that a boss was there to battle you…

…or when the qr scanner comes out, you could tie scanning a QR code to that location and when scanned presents the boss to battle…

Almost a Pokémon Go UX…but with a Glide App…cool stuff! :sunglasses::ok_hand:t2:

*Edit: I know that the Location component doesn’t just continuously pull the users current location; thus the user would have to manually press/update the Location toggle in order for the geo-fence idea to work (hence QR code suggestion.)


Awesome idea. Would the distance column work with this idea? I assume a yes? Let’s say if distance is less than or equal to 0.1km then show something?

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Should work! I’ll give it a try in the next iteration.

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Yep - exactly!

However, our use case is a “check-in/out” based system/UX…so for this instance, you’d probably have to have visual cues in-app or print materials (QR codes) to alert the user to tap the enable location toggle or scan the QR code.

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Once the scan QR code action actually makes it to production, this will be AMAZING for all things gamification in the app.

Just to name a few:

  • scan code to add bonus money to balance
  • scan code to initiate boss battle
  • scan code to add item to inventory
  • scan code to complete a challenge

I already have flows built waiting for the qr scanner haha hope it comes to production soon :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

:exploding_head: this is unbelievable.

Will the behind the scenes build out to this feature on your YouTube?

Yes…this video is overdue…

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