Anonymous User Emails

I’m on the free plan and creating my first app to use user profiles. I noticed the anonymous emails and read this article to understand what was happening.

This sounds great. I’m all for it. Question is: How does an app user change their email address and still maintain access to the same parts of the app? In my case, I’m creating a group calendar app for families that have members who are dealing with dementia. Users create groups (families), but what if a user needs to change their email (regardless of the reason)? Right now, I don’t see how a user could change their email address (and thus their user log-in) without upgrading to a paid plan and deselecting the email anonymizing feature.

I could create a pathway whereby a user would delete themselves, be kicked out of the app (?) and then create a new app user with the new email address (and redo the onboarding process), but I feel that’s a little clumsy. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

I think you can use RowIDs for users for making the relationships in your other sheets. In that way you can give edit email option to your users and they can change the email address.

But will this allow the user to login to the same account with the new email address?

Yes I think it should. I’m just not sure if this can be done with anonymous emails or not. You can try it out

I think one big uncertainty is would user-specific values be retained. I believe it’s tied to the rowID so it might be ok, but I’m not sure.

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