Issue with "Users email address" component

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A newbie here to the world of Glide and really enjoying every bit of it. Pretty overwhelmed by the type of use cases that people are able to make with just using the Sheets as a database. Mind = Blown.

Coming to my issue, I am setting up an app where I am using email as an option for users to log in. Now once the user has logged in I am giving them an option to set up their profile by entering name and bio and profile picture but for their email, I am using the “Users email address” component. Once the user submits it’s captured in the sheet. But I am noticing that every time a new user registers ( logs in and creates a profile ) the email id is not stored as but just user or sometimes a diff value and the email is not getting captured.

I am also using this in a diff tab where I am creating posts from users and retrieving email and in some cases created relations based on email but it’s failing as the email is not captured correctly.

Can someone tell me what I might be doing wrong or point me to the right way of doing it.

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Perhaps this?

Hey Darren,

nope its not something to do with Email Anonymizaiton that am facing the issue. Am facing an issue when the value is getting stored in the spreadsheet it’s concatenating the “” part of the email. Ex if i have logged in as “” and if i create my profile - the value in email column after i submit the form is just “george” or sometimes its different and not even george.

Am now wondering if this has something to do with the anonymization itself? Or if am expected to go for pro-subscription if i want to store the correct email. If this is the case then i presume the usage of relations won’t work when in a free account?



Just a thought :thought_balloon:

Have you set up the user profiles correctly and sure you are assigning the data to the right columns


You can read the whole profile article here User Profiles - Glide Library

After seeing Rosewebstudio comment i went back and checked step-by-step and noticed that i had done one mistake ( probably ) in the above profile screen, where i had chosen the correct tab in the sheet but had pointed the User Email to User ID column ( wrongly ). I updated it and i notice the email getting updated properly.

Its now lead to my “visibility” rules for components going for a toss and all the rules i had kept based on the email itself which i now have to rework again based on the logic that i wanted.

Thanks Rosewebstudio :slight_smile:

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Your welcome :+1: