Change email in user profile

I am using a ‘members register’ as user profile.
It is not possible to change email from within Glide, I have to do that directly in Google sheet.
Is that by intention or is there a setting which I can change?

Do you want users to be able to change their own email addresses, or do you want to be able to do it for them as an Admin?

Why do you believe that it’s not possible to change it within Glide?
It should be possible, all you’d need to do is add an email entry component to the User Profile screen and point it at the Email column.

I wouldn’t recommend that though, and I especially wouldn’t recommend allowing users to do it themselves.

A few things to be aware of if you change a users email address:

  • if they are currently logged in, they’ll be logged out
  • any user specific data associated with the user will be lost
  • any relations based on their previous email address will be broken
  • if you are using their email address as a row owner in any tables, they will lose access to that data until all rows are updated with their new email address

Because of the above, changing a users email address should be done with care. Anytime I ever need to do it, I always do it manually and make sure I have each of the above points covered.


Admin should be able to change the users email addresses.

Changes are now done in Glide, they show up in Glide but they do not alter the address in Sheets!

That’s interesting, how do you make the change in Glide?
Do you do it:

  • via a set column values action?
  • via an on screen input component that writes directly to the Users email column?
  • directly via the Data Editor?
  • some other way?

And what happens with the new value in Glide? Does it eventually revert back to the previous value after Glide has synced with the Google Sheet?

For what it’s worth, I just did a quick test by changing an email address in a User Profile table directly via the Data Editor, and the change immediately synced to the connected Google Sheet. The change also persisted after I closed the App in the builder and opened it again.

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  1. Email entry component
  2. It reverts back when I reload app
  3. It works via Data Editor!

Okay, that’s interesting. I don’t think I can explain why it reverts - that’s not what I see.

Anyway, honestly my advice would be to just do it manually via the Google Sheet. I assume that it’s not something that needs to be done very often?

Ok, here is a sample app where I have reproduced the problem!

Works for me :man_shrugging:

Does the change really show up the Google Sheet?

Yes, you can see that clearly in the video

I have difficulties to see the change in the video. Suppose that you made it in a copy of the app.
Grateful if you could make it in my app so I can see it in real.

Yes, I made a copy of your app to test with.

I just published the copy I made and repeated the test with that, and got the same result. That is, changing an email address via the app was successfully synced to the Google Sheet.

The privacy settings on your app don’t allow me to login, so I can’t test with yours.

I have noticed that one can request access to apps just by asking for a pin code, nice if you could try this!

Done. You should see a request from

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Okay, I just signed in and changed Marta’s email to

… and then I refreshed the app and observed that it’s reverted to the previous value.

Okay, I can’t explain that. I did exactly the same test with the copy of your app that I made, and got a different result.
The only difference is that I made it Public with email.

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Nothing happend in the sheet!

Please try also to put in a name!

@Darren_Murphy thank you very much for testing!
@ThinhDinh @Jeff_Hager What do you think?

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I don’t have anything to add, not sure what the setup for privacy was for the original app. I guess it’s private to users in the users table?