Profile email address change changes back after refresh

Is there restriction on changing the email address in the profile> I am changing the address, it changes in tables, I can move around, but as soon as I refresh the browser it reverts to what it was. This is not happening for other columns

Starting position
go to edit
edit and submit

changed in UI

changed in tables

I can switch screens/tabs and come back and it remains changed BUT
if I refresh my browser it reverts

Almost like it was cached that gets cleared.
OR… is it that you cannot change the email address in the profile (I can understand that, if that is by design)

Dan, as far as I know the email field for a logged in User is the ONLY field that CANNOT be changed or updated from a profile screen, custom form, component or edit screen within Glide. Because the Email is such an integral part of the security to accessing the app in the first place, I believe Glide made it so the Email can only be changed from the Glide Back-end Data Table or from an app connected Data Source like a Google Sheet, etc.

We really wanted to be able to have some of our mobile event team make Email changes for Users as well while on the go from within the app but ran into the same issue. So for now, we make those changes on the fly by editing our Google Sheets from the Google Sheets app on our mobile devices whenever an Email change needs to occur for a User

If one of our Glide Experts knows of another method to performing Email updates…please chime in. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Carbon,

If you are correct that is fine. I understand it, just want to make sure its not a bug or something I am doing or not doing.


The behavior is the same in the legacy system.

I agree with @Carbonsquare. Email (as well as Role) cannot be changed by the user since they are integral to security. What if I could change to your email and/or an Admin role while staying signed in. Would not be good. Also consider things like user specific columns that are deeply integrated to the user. I’m not sure, but it could be possible for user specific columns to be lost as well.


We typically don’t try to deal with email changing requests from our clients anymore, but if we have to give a solution, it would need to be something involving a custom form to check if there are duplicates, before triggering a set column action.

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Any time I need to change an email or role, I use the API.


Agree. We also use API for changing Role or Email.