Writing to User Table Email Column from App Not Saving

Greetings, has anyone else experienced a problem in updating an email address for a row from a “Classic” mobile app (from your phone) and having it NOT save to the data table?

If I update the email from directly in the Glide editor (tied to a Google Sheet) it will save with no problem, but if I try to make the same email field edit from the app on my phone, it will appear updated on the phone record BUT the backend data DOES NOT UPDATE.

Column is of type Email and this IS our USER TABLE as set in Glide.

Does the fact that this is our Glide User Table prevent the email from being modified remotely from the app?

I believe that is the case, and is intended behaviour.

Modifying the User Profile → email value can have all sorts of side effects, especially when Row Owners are in play. Doesn’t mean that it can’t be done, but care should be taken when it is done.

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Thanks Darren. I saw another past post similar to this from you that seems to confirm this behavior as well. I was trying to be able to make the change to the Users email (as the Administrator) directly from the app since I am always on the Go and not in front of the computer to make the change in the Glide backend. Every other field updates perfectly but that Email field (no luck). :roll_eyes:

I guess I will have to open up the actual Google Sheet on my mobile and make the change directly to the data that way while on the Go. Thanks again!

You do have options if you really want to be able to do this.

  • As you’re using Google Sheets, you could take a similar approach to the one I was tinkering with in that older thread. That is, write the new email address to a “Change” table, and have a trigger script pick up the change and apply it.
  • The other option would be to send a webhook to Make and have it apply the change via the API (I use this method to allow administrators to change User Roles).

The only complicating factor with either of the above would be if you’re using User Email addresses as Row Owners in other tables.

Thanks Darren for the suggestions. Fortunately we only need to make these type of updates a handful of times throughout an event when someone forgets that they registered for an event using a different email (their entry in Glide gets created using Zapier) an they then want to use another email address for app access. They don’t always remember the emails they used for registration unfortunately! :roll_eyes:

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