Glide not synching "email" changes to User Profiles

I have a detail screen for the users in my app, but the changes that I make in the Edit Screen are not synching with my Google Sheets. It´s the first time that I have encountered this issue and I can´t find the reason why.

Thanks in advance to all Gliders.

As I know, if this is the user profile email it will revert to original, unless you do it in sheets directly. It happen to me once.

You could do it with a webhook and a 3rd party like Make.

Eric mentioned the possible cause of this, which is a roles setup, but it only applies to the column that is used as a role, not the email.

Do you have a video of the problem in action? Do you have any further set ups related to that table/screen?

I recorded this screen recording, where:

  1. I added the email to the user
  2. Checked if it uploaded to Google Sheets
  3. Refreshed the app
  4. The email did not sync

Hope you guys can help me out!