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Here’s come the non-IT side of me with some general questions about the Apps: Logins sheet created automatically in my Google sheet by my Glide Page.

  • Why? This is obviously important as Glide creates it automatically. Why do I need the information of every log in? I know it is important for analytics, but I’m not that type of tracker and it certainly isn’t important for every project I do.
  • Why the duplicate records of multiple logins of the same person?
  • Isn’t the profile row of the user profile enough?
  • Do these rows count against my quota?
  • It includes a column of “Agreed.” Agreed to what? Why?

Thanks for helping me understand.

  1. it is good to know who your users are and when they log in… if you don’t need that information, simply ignore that sheet or hide it.
  2. each login is a separate event, so it will create a new record
  3. User profile sheet is a fixed list, where you can keep all the user info, is not an event list
  4. logins sheet is not counted or even visible in your App
  5. You can add terms and conditions for logging into your App and that is what column Agreed is for.

Thanks for such easy-to-understand answers. So, it sounds like I could make great use of it for myself. For example, I have a small travel app so I can analyze that data for a simple traffic tracking tool without needing to understand all of the Google analytics stuff.

yes, but not exactly… it will not count in and out users when they stay logged in, only when they log out, and log in again… also it will not give you all the info that google analytics provides, like country, language, age, gender, browser, pages visits, time spent… but you can get that using Glide code column and access user browser navigator

Also, this App: Logins sheet used to be the ONLY way to track user sign-ins prior to Glide implementing User Profiles.

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