Sign Up to Our App or Page

Hi, we are checking glide service to make our app or website.

I want to publish our app or page, and let other users to use our service.

But I can’t find the way to make other users to sign up and sign in with there ID or e-mail.

Is add a row in users table the only way to add users or
do I need to buy pro license to solve this problem?

If I solve this problem, we gonna buy pro license and publish with glide.

Thank you.

Go to Settings->Privacy, and configure it as below:

Also ensure that you have User Profiles properly configured.

New users will be forced to sign in, and a row for each new user will automatically be added.

Thank you for your advice.

But I need button let new users who are not included in our user profiles table can make their account.
Is it impossible with glide pages?

Even though I change to your settings, but only sign-in screen comes out not sign-up.

So you want to make Sign In optional?

All you need to do is choose the next (Optional) Sign In setting, and then you can use tab visibility (where email is signed in user) to hide content from non-registered users.

If you want to give public users the option to register/sign up, all you need to do is add a button somewhere and configure it with a “Sign In” action. If necessary, you could build an onboarding flow on top of that.

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