Hide Sign-in Option

Any app should have a public contents, and a hidden contents reserved to authenticated users. Else, be sure that your app will not work if it’s not an internal app.

The login form for public app is available in the menu, if you have the menu displayed (aka if you have at least one tab moved to the menu section). If your app is a pro app, build it using the email whitelist mode, so that you can manage user profiles, and admin users, to manage components visibility by “signed in user”.

When your app is ready for production, switch the authentication to “public”. Your admin users will be able to connect and see what they are entitled to see and use. And your visitors will be able to log in, manage their profile, retrieve their past orders and so on.

This is a trick, but it works. Not sure if it’s a long term trick but anyway, this is a must have for apps so I guess Glide team is working on this “hybrid” mode.

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Thanks for your response.

I have the same feeling that there is a need to switch from public to public with email more easily than it is done today. I have created an app for a restaurant in public mode in order for anyone to buy food from the restaurant online.

I would like to allow the restaurant’s clients to join a membership program but don’t know how to do it in public app. The only thing i could think of would be to create a duplicate of the public app connected to the same sheet but this time in public with email. In the public app i would add a button linking to the public with email app…

That’s what I did for the Toujours Debout platform Nicolas. It’s a covid app, aiming to help little shops to be more visible during the crisis. This is a public app, but shop owners have access to the email whitelisted app for their profile edition.

Toujours debout : https://toujoursdebout06.smapp.io
Toujours debout Edition : https://toujoursdebout06edit.smapp.io

Sjop owners create their profile in the public app, then they can go through the edit app using the button in the “Mon profil commerçant” of the app menu.

But I pay for 2 pro apps… What’s expensive for 3 months, and even 4, for me. But if that can help them…

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Excellent ! Super idée! Thanks for helping local communities !

I hope this public / public with email sign in process will be improved soon. I don’t think it is normal to pay twice an annual fee or monthly fee for the same app in the end…

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Hola Roberto,

Quick question : how did you find thus trick to hide the menu? Have you got any pointer or explanation to share? If we can hide this menu, I guess we can find more details about the menu, and particularly the log in menu?

Hello @Christophe_HK how are you,

I’m part of two Glide groups that help spread the platform here in Brazil, where we share knowledge, that’s where I got this CSS code, I know little about CSS and in fact the merit is Marcio Ferlan from there from the group he shared with us.

about “hiding the menu” I didn’t quite understand what it means, but Marcio also made available another code that I don’t know if it’s what you want, he only hides the “menu” photo and email, plus the options the “menu” has to hide with this code …

this code can change the URL of an image to put covers, and in “… items = 0” changing the numbers is hidden, ex: if I want to hide the 1st and 3rd menu item "… items = 1,3 “or the three would be” … 1,2,3 "
I don’t know if this is what I wanted most, I hope I helped.




  @import '//glidetools.ml/app-layout/side-menu?hideSignIn&hideItems=0&headerImage=URL'; 


@Roberto_Salim It just hides the element but doesn’t disable it. This means that the user can still click on the non-shown element and access it - but without seeing and understanding what happened.

I would think that such tricks could lead Glide to remove the possibility to manipute a app like suggested because Glide would like to have these informations present.

I would like to be able to natively in Glide to be able to remove the sign-in option (as I don’t wont people to sign-in to the public app)

But thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


@Roberto_Salim thank you for this! Until Glide can get the Sign-in function squared away, this will work great for my app!

It appears that the CSS to utilize this trick no longer works. Does anyone know if Glide is working on letting us disable the sign on function in the hamburger menu?

Please try this to see if it helps.

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Thanks @ThinhDinh! It works - but it would still be nice to see a native option to do this instead of a workaround :man_shrugging:

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i don’t see where to put this ?

It’s the rich text component, but I doubt it works anymore.