Hide "connect" button

Hi, could it be possible to hide the “connect” button following the “privacy” status
When it’s “public” hide it when it’s “public with email” show it
We advertise glideapp as the easiest way to communicate: no installation no logine, etc…; so peoples gets very confused with thin button
link to our app:

Thanks, David

No, as of now it’s not possible to hide this login component as long as you make use of the hamburger menu.

Take care David, you’re app is public, so not protected, and you have tons of personal data (name, address, tel, pics…)

Ni Hao, Christophe, thanks for you answer. I’ll try to move all the taba in the main menu
About confidentiality, i’ll add a buton in the “post your advert” tab with visibilty condition feature. Will repost one it’s done. Thanks again, David

i did some modifications in the “post” tab the one called in french: “Deposer une annonce” so the form buttons are hiden by default and will only appear once the user has pushed on the “accepts” the conditions