Why does my app show both Sign-In and Sign-Up at login

I have an Pages app that allows people to access without login, and only users in the User Table can login.
Therefore, I don’t understand why the app offers a Sign-up button.

Any ideas ? Here are some screen shots of settings an login page…

This is a known issue. Waiting and hoping that Glide will eventually fix it.


Hi. has there been any update on this topic? I also see the same issue here.

Has there ever been an official documentation on why we need both buttons? If there is one, what’s the difference between them?

No, I don’t think it is documented.

But the difference is:

  • Sign Up is for new users
  • Sign In is for returning users

A situation where you would only expect to see Sign In (and not Sign Up) is if you had the following settings:

  • Public
  • Optional Sign In
  • Users in Users table (or restricted in any other way)

With the above settings, a Sign Up button makes no sense, because if a new user tries to sign in they won’t be allowed to. There used to be a bug where both buttons would be shown in this scenario, but that was fixed some months ago.

@Mns_Glide - can you elaborate a bit more on the issue you’re facing please?


thanks Darren,
I had privacy setting to Public with Optional sign-in. Both sign-up and sign-in still appear.

That was why it puzzled me.

Yes, but what is your setting for Users?
If it’s “Anyone”, then what you see is expected.

it is for anyone …
But what I cannot understand is

  1. when I press sign-in, we need to enter email and then to get wait for the pin
  2. sign-up also same process as 1.

Yes. What would you expect it to be?

sign-up would go through a process of getting additional information from user. Not exactly the same.

Sounds like you’re expecting a feature that doesn’t exist :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want an onboarding process, that’s something you have to create yourself.

on-boarding I can do … it is just that you both options show up for user and it is the same, different name … or maybe I miss something

I’ve never understood it either. They are just redundant versions of the exact same thing, but with different names.

I think the whole point is that back in the day people though it was confusing that there was only a Sign In button with no Sign Up button, so Glide added it, but it serves no beneficial advantage. They are exactly the same.

I agree, it would make a whole lot more sense if it was an actual Sign Up form that would aquire additional information for brand new users…and Sign In would only work if existing users had an existing account. That’s how every other website works, so I’m not sure why it’s so half baked like this, especially for as long as it has been.


Is there a way to identify if the user sign-in or sign-up? If can, we do the boarding process accordingly.

I’d argue that’s not really important. What’s important is whether or not the user has provided whatever information you require as part of the onboarding. As long as they haven’t, then continue to present your onboarding screen.

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