Is this the right way to make a new *sign up* page

I see that Glide automatically has Sign Up and Sign In available for users.

I assume the difference is that sign up is meant to create a new row, whereas sign in doesn’t?

Anyhow, I want users to fill out this quick profile when they Sign Up, is this the right way to go about it?

And then set the tab visibility to users to have an email but their profile is incomplete?

In my opinion, there is absolutely no difference between Sign Up and Sign In. Both require you to sign in and both automatically generate a new user row if needed. It’s just two different names for something that does the exact same thing.

I recommend not using a form because you will end up with a second user row which will cause issues. Other than that, yes you would just control tab visibility based on if a user profile is completed or not.

The difference is where you have a Public App with optional sign-in, and then what you do with user access.

  • If you allow anyone to sign in, then you’ll see both buttons
  • If you restrict who can sign in, then you’ll only see the sign in button

It makes sense to me in that context.

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But they do the same thing, correct? With any other website that I’ve interacted with, they won’t let you Sign In until you have Signed Up. A login attempt will be rejected until you have an account. With Glide you could click on either one as a New or Existing user and gain access into the app whether or not you have an account. To me Sign Up means onboarding and collecting information before signing in. With Glide, I think having two separate buttons is more about making the user feel less confused, but both buttons are functionally the same.

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So either way, I shouldn’t do a form screen after bc that will end up creating a different row from the email row that was just signed in?

Instead, I should just make a new screen then? With the visibility conditions I need for them to fill out the profile?

You can either do a detail screen with entry components linked to the same row, or you could have a button that leads to an edit screen to edit the user profile.

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Yep, I don’t disagree with any of that.