Help please - user specific app


I’m new to Glide and I spent last night reviewing the docs.

I’m having trouble understanding how to make an app user-specific.

For example, my simple ‘daily goals’ app lets users add goals, mark progress, delete goals, etc. The app needs to be user-specific so I’m requiring email login. I’m confused about setting up the spreadsheet.

My app:

Thanks in advance for any help

Where are you stuck at?

You need to add the user’s email column in your the tab with the goals and to add specific component “User’s email” to your form. This component will automatically add user’s email to each of the goals in the goals tab in the column that you’ve created.

After that, you should put this filter in the list with the goals in your app

So, you will have one tab for the goals of all users, but every user will see only hiw own goals because of this filter based on his email login.

Here’s my demo:

Great video- very helpful.

I’d appreciate any feedback. I believe that some of the logic is messed up.

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Thank you. Your reply was a big ‘ah-ha’ moment for me!

Why can some columns be deleted and not others?

If the columns are spreadsheet (basic) columns then they need to be deleted from the spreadsheet

I am glad to help you!