Set Columns actions adding a new row

I am trying to achieve the following;

  1. On first Login user has to update Name & Display Picture (columns in User Profiles sheet). There is a boolean based on this for profile complete.
  2. If Profile is complete then content shows up.

I tried the following methods;

  1. Details Screen
  • Logging in takes user to Details Screen which is on User Profiles sheet
  • Text entry and Image picker field to update the User Profiles sheet columns on the detail screen itself.
  • IF-THEN-ELSE column for Profile Completeness check if above is filled.
    Problems : This works however the IF-THEN-ELSE takes time to refresh even though the columns are set. This causes problems with visibility of other items

I tried a dummy button in this case to enforce refresh… but it works sometimes only.

  1. Form to update Profile
  • Logging in takes user to details screen which is on User profiles sheet
  • Form button on Detail Screen which does a Set Columns on This Row and the required columns.
    Problems : There are 2 rows in the User Profile sheet now for the same user.

Any suggestions?


For onboarding I always have a separate tab and an increment action. See it here.


Download this free app. It does exactly what you seek to achieve.

You can make a copy


Thanks @ThinhDinh and @Wiz.Wazeer These apps are similar to what I’m doing. It seems while developing when I try to delete the user profile and app:logins data to be able to test changes again that something gets messed up… not sure what the best way to do this is.

Hi @ThinhDinh,

I copied your app, but facing similar problems with it.
If you look at the screenshot, I’m unable to edit the text entry fields… I’ve seen this behavior in my app too when I tried the Option 1 in my original post.

Are you viewing it from an email that is already in the user profiles sheet? I am able to edit them normally here.

No, email is not in user profiles. This is from a fresh copy. I just opened the app to edit and I see this. I feel this is some bug.

There needs to be at least one row in the User Profiles sheet that contains some data - otherwise there is nowhere for the temporary user-specific values to be stored. Try the following:

a) Install on your phone and log in (this should add a new row), or
b) from the data editor just add a dummy value anywhere in the first row of the user profiles sheet.

When you copy an app like mine, the default preview as value in your copy is your email. When it’s not already in the Sheet it will cause what you showed above. It’s not a bug.