Multiple App but 1 Same Glide Table

I Would like to create 2 apps, that share the same glide table

where one does for inputing data
and another one is for reporting data

without the usage of gsheet/airtable/excel. just GLIDE TABLE

You can do that. Create one of the apps, and the glide tables you want to use with it. Then create the other app, go to data, and on the bottom right (below tables) you’ll see data sources and your project/company name below it with the glide tables icon. Click that and it’ll show you all the tables used in other apps from the same project. Select the ones you want to use in both apps.


the data will be live on both apps right ?

will it consumed update twice ?

Yes, and no, to your two questions.

It will be live on two apps, that’s correct. Both apps are interacting on the same data. Note it doesn’t have to be ALL the same data… it can be done sheet by sheet.

For example you could have:

Data input app
Sheet 1: user profiles
Sheet 2: other stuff
Sheet 3: inputted data

Visualization app
Sheet 3: the same sheet 3 from the other app
Sheet 4: some helper table to reformat your views

Only sheet 3 is shared between the two apps, and it is the same data.

You won’t be charged double for updates to sheet 3. Both apps using sheet 3 live in the same project, so updates to that sheet from either app will count, but only count once.


Okay Thanks Bro !

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