Multiple App Projects - Asset Management

I’m nearly done with building a project for a client to manage their assets at events.
The project consists of 3 apps that use the same glide tables.
When done, how can we duplicate the project and keep the 3 apps using the same shared tables.

Had the tables been google sheets, once duplicated I can replace the source… but is that also possible with Glide Tables & what advise is there for people with multiple app projects.

The 3 apps are:
Asset Tagger - the initial app used while tagging assets with barcodes and building up the initial data set of asset description, condition, default location, current location etc…

Asset Tracker - the app to be used by all staff at the locations to scan/track asset movement, allocation, checkout etc… on a daily basis after the project is launched.

Asset Manager - the main admin app for the management in the office managing different events, assets and locations at the same time with all the features and dashboards etc…

This is a bit of a challenge, and I don’t have any good answer. In fact, I’m in a very similar position - except with two Apps rather than three.

At this point in time I think the only option is two duplicate the first App, then duplicate that again and rebuild as the second App. And in your case, duplicate once again and rebuild that as the third App.

It would be nice if Glide could come up with a good way to manage this, as I imagine it’s not an uncommon situation.

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Businesses the opt for Glide to build their internal apps… most likely will build multiple apps based on the same data.

Maybe its the time Glide should introduce “Projects”. A set of apps all together that you can transfer & duplicate etc… It also makes more sense to browse or search for glide tables within a project that to see the same glide table name duplicated multiple times when you try to connect it.

This also prevents us from being able to create a quick staging environment for a multiple app project.

if you use GS tables, that will make it easier

Welcome back Uzo :slight_smile:

Yes its true. with google sheets this can be easily arranged. But google sheets cost a lot more updates… and also sacrifice performance. To be honest I would still prefer google sheets as a more reliable data source than glide tables… but what to do I built the project on glide tables.

Thanks… my Google Sheets do not take any updates and are faster than glide tables :wink:

I would assume Glide would do its best to stop any possible solution that doesn’t consume updates… would take some convincing to get clients to try any such solution.

How does Glide sync with your google sheets? How could they be faster? doesn’t Glide have to create a duplicate of the data in the sheet on firebase and sync both?

That’s why they keep banning me, LOL… and I will not talk about details here :wink:
But you are welcome to become one of my customers and discover the power of my system.

We are sort of happy with glide tables to be honest. Don’t get me banned with you…


It is one of the many feature requests that are long standing.
I find it rather odd how Glide can heavily promote the creation of field Apps connected to desktop or office Apps without making a provision for this feature.

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I even included this feature request in my wishlist for 2024

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